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Turbo Jet Shower

Turbo Jet Shower Head

Turbo Jet Shower Head

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Premium Hydro Turbo Jet shower that creates exceptional pressurized water shower with normal pressure. This Jet shower head comes with universal fittings and can be easily replaced with your current head shower. Get yours today.

Material: ABS Plastic
Dimension: 230*85mm
Certification: CE
Filter: Negative Ion Filter

 Feature Our Product  Others
Fitting Universal Universal
Pressure Flow Stabilized Jet Pressure Unstable Water Pressure
Material Premium Finish Low Quality
Durability Long Not Known
Efficiency Can save up to 30% water Not Known


If you want a more robust showering experience, a Turbo Jet Shower is the way to go. This cutting-edge shower system is made to offer a wide, strong spray of water. The design of the Turbo Jet Shower generates high pressure with normal pressure in your home, eliminating the need for an electric motor or other external power source.

The high-pressure jets are made to feel like a powerful massage.

You can personalize the strength of your shower with its variable pressure settings. An stimulating shower that soothes and refreshes the body and mind is possible with a Turbo Jet Shower.If you're looking for a robust and invigorating showering experience, the Turbo Jet Shower is a great option.

Some of the features are:

1: With its sophisticated water pressure management mechanism, the Turbo Jet Shower provides a powerful showering experience. The water pressure can be adjusted here to suit your needs.
2: Second, the Turbo Jet Shower has an improved water flow system that keeps the water pressure steady the whole time you're in there, so you can count on having a great shower every time.
3: Tense muscles may unwind and stress can be washed away thanks to the Turbo Jet Shower's in-built massage setting.
4: Savings on utility bills: The Turbo Jet Shower makes good use of the available hot water and thereby conserves energy.
5: Easy Maintenance and Installation: Quickly swap out your old shower head for the Turbo Jet Shower because of its universal fitting size and how easy it is to set up and maintain.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Denise Richardson
Loved it

I absolutely LOVE my new shower head! Never thought I would experience actual water pressure. A must have!

Bit noisy

It is just as in video demonstration, the water is good pressure and just as spiral, but fan or propeller, i dont know, makes bit noise

Chris K.

It's very good, I recommend it

Shelly Mitchell
I recommend

In operation for a couple of days, I like it, the streams are already massage, such a strong pressure. The fan rotates cool. On the handle, the water cut button, without turning off on the mixer, you can turn off the water. When ordering, I did not notice this pleasant nuance) 2 replacement filters also came.

A as A

Well meets expectations